I'm Not Into Facebook

I'll be frank, I don't like Facebook, but yesterday I did the unspeakable and finally broke down. I created my own artist page on Facebook. I was challenged by my friend, painter Tabitha Whitley, to be a part of the Facebook Artist Challenge. Since I was nominated I am supposed to post 3 images a day for five days, and each day I am supposed to nominate another artist to take part. My first group of images are old work from the end of undergrad.  Go look at them because they might never be seen again. Instead of uncomfortably asking five of my friends to participate I decided to take the opportunity to make a Facebook artist page instead.  I'm not into asking people to do things.  Please go like my Facebook page. 

 Tabitha Whitley,  Taste , Oil on Canvas, 12"x9", 2011

Tabitha Whitley, Taste, Oil on Canvas, 12"x9", 2011

Brett F Harvey