News and Events from artist Brett F Harvey

Cover and Inside Spread in Spring 2018 Issue of Sculpture Review

This spring, my work was featured both on the cover and in a generous inside spread of Sculpture Review magazine. It is published by the National Sculpture Society and my article, "Creating the Eternal Human," was written by Sheryl Morang Holmberg. This issue features works made using cement. Sculpture Review can be ordered online or found at Barnes & Noble stores nationwide. Not only am I honored to be included amongst the four highlighted artists, but I'm thrilled to have my work on the cover. Many thanks again to all involved.


New Year's Press

I'm excited to begin 2018 with my work in "18 Artists to Watch in 2018," written by Liz Adams-Jones for the Blue Review, available to read here. The other artists on this list are phenomenal and I'm grateful to be included.

Other Projects

I'm also working on a curatorial/activist project called Johnsons in Art to promote the acceptance of the male nude as an artistic form of communication. See the Instagram feed where it all began here.


The best place to see what's happening day-to-day in the studio is through Instagram. Below are the most recent posts. Please follow me @brett_f_harvey to see more. 


A fun video I made showing the demolding of a small piece: